Chairman’s Statement – AGM 19 November 2012

We have held 10 monthly Precinct meetings since the last AGM. Attendance has averaged 15 precinct members per meeting. In addition we have been pleased that Councillors have attended each meeting as have residents from nearby streets and other parts of Randwick.

In February we welcomed the new Precinct Coordinator Amanda Mather who took over from Martin Ryman. The Precinct wishes to put on record our thanks to Martin for all his assistance and advice over the years and wishes him all the best in his new role with web based consultation processes within Council.

The issue that took much of our attention since the last AGM was the draft LEP. Precinct members petitioned Council and held meetings with Council staff and Councillors – and the Precinct held a meeting in February attended by 40 people. Key concerns with the draft LEP were:

  • increased density,
  • deletions of controls from the new LEP such as wall heights and landscaping,
  • foreshore protection,
  •  commercial rezoning of part of Coogee,
  • the permitted uses in commercial zones,
  • the lack of an objective about residential amenity in commercial zoning and
  • the issue of the DCP not being considered at the same time as the LEP.

The new LEP was finally approved on 22 May. By the end of the process the Precinct had played an important part in achieving the following:

  • a commitment that wall heights would be included in the new DCP,
  • a new objective in commercial zoning aimed at protecting the amenity of residents,
  • stronger protection for the foreshore zoned areas – and
  • the commercial rezoning of the southern end of Coogee did not proceed.

Other issues pursued by the Precinct during the year include

  • various significantly non complying DAs and SEPPs
  • alcohol issues relating to licensed premises and late trading
  • rangers at the beach and reserves
  • Bardon park issues
  • bongo drumming in the park
  • various issues with commercial signage
  • CCTV on private property and the impact on neighbours
  • fitness groups and inequalities in the licensing conditions
  • the Randwick Rugby Club additional trading hours
  • issues with safety at baths at the northern end of the beach
  • issues with Section 96s
  •  issues with the noise from motor bikes in residential streets
  • issues in anticipation of the new comprehensive DCP
  • road works in Coogee Bay Rd and Arden St
  • St Basils
  • sewage pit at northern end of Goldstein Reserve
  • State governments planned changes to planning
  • DA prelodgment process
  • reduction in street parking and approval of DAs without sufficient parking
  • water bubblers
  • dry stone walls

The Precinct and Precinct members were instrumental in achieving good outcomes for some of these matters notably the installation of the water bubblers, increased activity by rangers with respect to fitness groups, the safety issues with the baths at the northern end of the bay, getting the pre lodgement process on the Council agenda and protection of dry stone walls.

We finish the year with a new web site which we plan to launch at the Christmas party.

I wish to thank Carla for the great job she has done as Secretary and on following up on particular concerns. Thanks too to Del, John B, John G, John M, Vivien, Garry, Wil, Georgia and Rona for their follow up. A big thank you to the Councillors who have attended our meetings – Keil Smith, Murray Matson and Tony Bowen and retiring Councillor Woodsmith who has worked with Precinct members over the years on issues in Coogee particularly those relating to the licensed premises.

I particularly wish to thank Carla for the great job she has done as Secretary.

Thank you all for coming to meetings through the year – even in the depth of winter. The Coogee Precinct can be proud that we have strong and committed supporters who care about what happens in Coogee and are ready to support the Precinct on issues of concern as they come up.


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