Bird Garden

The Coogee Bay Precinct is pleased to report that four years of campaigning have had a positive result.

A piece of disused land in Neptune street is now home to extensive garden areas with native plants to create a sanctuary for small native birds. Small birds such as Blue Wren and New Holland Honey eaters are still seen in Coogee but are now not as evident as a decade ago. The predations of cats, crows and foxes and the clearing of Lantana from the foreshore have taken a toll. It is anticipated that the gardens will in time provide a safe haven for years to come.

Alongside the gardens, is an outdoor gym which is proving to be a well used community resource.

The garden areas are looking good with only a few plants succumbing to the dry weather soon after planting. Local residents weed the areas and the recent wet weather has made a huge difference.

These images show the extensive newly planted areas and the gym being well used on a winter afternoon during lock-down in July 2021.

11 November 2017 – Coogee Bay Precinct initiates idea of the Bush garden & gym in this area.
March 2018 -Council informs Precinct it will consider the idea.
May 2018 – Precinct follows up and Council replies that it was in the 2018/19 operational budget.
September 2018 – Councillor Matson moves a resolution at Council for the Bush garden & gym. Coogee Bay Precinct Chair & Secretary spoke in favour at the Council meeting.
September 2018 – Precinct moved unanimous support.
December 2018 – Precinct seeks an update from Council.
February 2019 – Council puts the Bush garden & gym proposal out for consultation
March 2019 – Precinct notes Council advice that there had been 600 submissions.
May 2019- Precinct notes its unanimous support again.
September 2019- Report to Council recommends approval and that the Coogee Precinct be included in the planning
February 2020 – Precinct seeks advice from Council as to when the Precinct would be consulted.
May 2020- response from Council was that plan was expected mid 2020.
June 2020- Precinct notes project is now in the 20/21 budget.
February 2021- Precinct notes the area had been planted out and work had started on the gym, and sought information as to when water would be connected