Chair’s statement AGM 2013

2013 has been a very busy year for the Precinct and one that has been very fulfilling.

We have held 11 Precinct meetings since the last AGM all well attended. Despite the rotten wet and windy weather on several of our meeting nights we have averaged 12 attendees per meeting.

The Precinct Coordinator Amanda Mather worked tirelessly to support all the Precincts and we thank her for her efforts and enthusiasm. She is now on maternity leave and Joshua Hay has stepped in until a new Coordinator is appointed.

We were proud to have one of our Ward Councilors; Tony Bowen elected as Mayor in September 2012 and the Precinct congratulates him on an outstanding 12 month term.

There have been many matters that have taken our attention since the last AGM and for which the Precinct and its members provided input whenever possible:

  • The Draft DCP,
  • The National Memorial to Fallen Life Savers,
  • The State Governments White Paper on changes to the Planning Laws including the Urban Activation Precincts – the Precinct made a submission and Precinct members attended several of the consultative meetings,
  • The Metro Strategy for Sydney – for which the Precinct also made a submission,
  • Wylies Baths chlorine contamination,
  • Ongoing parking issues, traffic and pedestrian issues,
  • Concerns relating to alcohol – excessive drinking in public places, the density of licensed premises and late trading,
  • Randwick City Plan Review – several points in the Precinct submission were taken up by Council,
  • Proposed Council amalgamations,
  • Enforcement of controls relating to dogs, fitness groups, trailer parking and rubbish.
  • Cleaning up Coogee in particular the elimination of cigarette butts,
  • Light rail – the Precinct made a submission & members attended various meetings,
  • Concerns about significantly non complying DAs and SEPPs,
  • Meet-the-Candidates forum co hosted with the Southern Courier – this was welcome recognition of the importance of the Precinct to the local area,
  • Sewerage pits at northern end of Goldstein Reserve,
  • Public amenities including temporary toilets,
  • The threat to nature strips from their replacement with concrete.

Precinct Members also made the time to attend the Precinct Coordinating meetings and report back to the Precinct and the Eastern Beaches Command Community Safety meetings where they raised issues of local concern regarding alcohol related violence particularly relating to the consumption of alcohol in Goldstein reserve.

The Draft Final DCP was adopted by Council on the 28th of May and formally commenced on the 14th of June. By the end of the process the Precinct had played an important part in achieving the following:

  • the inclusion of foreshore protection in General controls,
  • inclusion of an objective to maintain residential amenity in the Neighbourhood Centres in General Controls,
  • reduction in minimum ceiling heights in Neighbourhood Centres,
  • preservation of trees and fauna,
  • increased water efficiency,
  • input regarding vehicle parking rates,
  • ensuring solar access,
  • ensuring visual privacy,
  • ensuring management plans are submitted as necessary,
  • inclusion of a guiding note that bars fall into the definition of late night premises.

The Precinct and its members strive to have a voice, to keep our residents informed and updated; and to make a positive difference for our residents and our beautiful coastal suburb. We finish the year feeling content that we always do our very best to love, care and contribute to making our much loved Coogee a better place to live in and to visit.

To mark the end of the year the Precinct was pleased to accept an invitation from the Coogee Croquet Club to co host an afternoon of croquet next Sunday. This has proven to be very popular and 30 people have said they will be coming.

I wish to thank Carla for all of her hard work and commitment and for following up on particular concerns. Thanks too to all of you who have followed up on issues throughout the year – your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you too to the Councilors who have attended our meetings and followed up on issues raised – Murray Matson, Tony Bowen, Brendan Roberts, Kiel Smith, Kathy Neilson, and Lindsay Shurey.

Thank you all for coming to meetings through the year especially on cold and wet nights, such as tonight. The Coogee Precinct can be proud that we have strong and committed supporters who care about what happens in Coogee and are ready to support the Precinct on issues of concern as they come up. I wish you and your families all the best over the festive period and a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Mark England